I Added Collagen To My Routine & This Is What Happened


I’ve finally reached the point in my wellness routine where my biggest focus is to honestly – keep things simple.

There was once a time when my healthy living adventure turned into a not-so-nice trip to burn out town. I couldn’t keep up with my own lifestyle, and all my positive intention started working against me. I began feeling tired, all the time. This was when I created my Recharge program, and in my process of overcoming my own fatigue, I felt myself shift into a golden age of simplicity.

I’ve come a long way. At one point I was really starting to think that I was turning into a collector of supplements and superfoods. When I had my realization of simplicity, I cleaned out my supplement graveyard and since then I have become very selective on what I allow to take-up prime real estate in my cupboards and funds from my bank account.

As a newfound lover of practicality, I choose products that are versatile in the ways that I can use them, and additionally their range of benefits.

I started taking collagen because it serves more than one purpose for your health. From building immunity, supporting joint health, repairing digestion, providing cognitive support, and strengthening hair, skin, teeth and nails. Those are just a few key benefits, but was more than enough reason for me to give it a go.

Before I discovered collagen, I was making bone broth on a pretty regular basis and was loving how I was feeling. However as the warmer months came into effect, my desire for warm broth decreased. I started adding a scoop of WellPath Collagen to my morning coffee or matcha latte, it made my energizing blend extra creamy and frothy. I also started utilizing it in recipes such as pancakes, smoothies and energy bites.

After adding a Multi-Source Collagen to my daily routine, this is what happened in the first two months:


As we age our natural collagen production enters a downfall, and this is visible in our skin. After just one month of including my daily scoop of collagen – my skin was feeling and looking noticeably healthier. Smaller pores, increased plumpness and a clear complexion. This was one of my first benefits but was more than enough reason to continue.  

Collagen might already be an ingredient in your skincare routine, however the topical absorption of collagen is very poor. Taking collagen internally benefits from the inside-out. Also beneficial for cellulite, especially when combined with dry brushing.


I’ve always had a lot of hair, but it’s always been a case of quantity over quality. Despite a thick appearance, each strand was rather thin, limp and weak. I had lots of baby hairs and the frizz was a daily struggle. It took me at least two-months to notice the benefits in my hair but now it feels like I have an entirely new flow! So much stronger, less breakage and shedding.


I’ve always maintained short nails for a simple reason; when I grow them out they break, split, bend and peel so easily. Not the case anymore. This another one of the earlier benefits I spotted since I started on the collagen.


While beauty benefits are grand and all. What makes me the most excited about collagen isn’t any skin, hair or nail benefits. Collagen works internally to seal and heal the digestive tract. Beneficial for decreasing digestive inflammation and getting rid of the bloat. Definitely a key player in flawless digestion, it’s an essential supplement in Your Guide to Better Digestion.



I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like being sore. Collagen works to promote a healthy inflammatory response by speeding up the repair of your damaged connective tissues. Adding a scoop to my greens powder before a yoga workout has noticeably decreased my recovery time, so I can complain a little less. Collagen also works to build the cushion in your joints, so it is excellent if you feel stiffness or pain when you move.

Feel the benefits for yourself, upgrade your routine with collagen.